Welcome to Digital Timetravel.

I’ve been an avid photographer all my life. It is what gained my interest in film, then in animation. I consider this a very important factor in my life… recording events, manipulating them, aborting them back into the world through a skewed lens. For now I shoot with a Canon EOS20D mainly of live and real events, characters in my life and sometimes landscapes when traveling to new worlds. My love of experimentation is apparent but I mostly adjust only levels and colors. I leave the controlled studio to my artwork/3D/animation works for now.
As that Kodak advertisement, a picture is worth a thousand words… I’d rather put out images documenting my reality then words or diaries. My collection of photography is vast, dating back to 1981 with my first film camera.This is going to be a long process and documentation of my efforts of what is photography to me. I will jump back and forth through time, posting photos of old and new; Digital Timetravel.
Using this blog I will hope speed up the process and to give everyone ONE place to find my now scattered photos. Friends and fans of my site surveillance, random postings on livejournal and myspace, please come here to see the latest. Each gallery will from now on be posted here, keeping my other profiles for my artwork/animation. Please, let me know your thoughts, criticisms, complements. Its what inspires me to create.
Dr. Mangor


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